Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just one or two and I'll be done.

One or two of these:

What feels like the millionth care package I've sent out

My husband's birthday is Monday--he'll be 26. We've only spent one birthday of his together. But, he got brownies sent to him. His birthday presents stayed here in Engand with me because he will be home sometime next month. Thank the gods above.

My mom's birthday was the 3rd and this is what she got:

Stats as follow...
Pattern-Funky Sock Monkey from Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Yarn: Handspun
Needles: 3 US

Yea I failed to read the pattern and didn't double the yarn on his legs and arms, hence the reason why you can see a little of the stuffing. I also kept stuffing his mouth and no matter how much I stuffed, his mouth didn't pucker out fully. Mom still likes him though. She just glassed in her porch on the beach house and she said that he will be hanging out in a hammock there.

On the knitting front, I am still working on my pink jaywalkers and my green and purple socks. I started a new pair with this new handspun (one of my new favorites):

That is 420 yards of a 3ply sock weight yarn. I finished up early, early, early Thursday morning. By Thursday night, I was at the knitting circle casting on. I've found out that the craft store on base has a woman there that holds a knitting circle once a month at the store. I went Thursday. It was soo great to be able to go out and talk to someone who had the same interests as me, ya know? But she is pregnant and says that December will probaby be the last meeting. That stinks. We got here in March and the faces I see day in and out are my dog's and daughters. Its getting to the point where my daughter is getting a little snarky and I choose not to see her face at times. Speaking of DD, I need to get her to stop messing with my wheel...


Brigitte said...

Ah yes, the care packages... I sent more than a few to my brother when he was in Afghanistan...

That's great that you found the knitting circle! When is the Girl off to school?

Traceyleezle said...

Happy Birthday to the hubby. I love the sock yarn. Maybe you could take over running the knitting circle, just find a new place to meet.

Robin McCoy said...

Sorry I missed your b-day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was in Arkansas and then Indiana. Hope it was an awesome b-day though! :D And how long does it take you to make a pair of socks with needles. I am loom knitting a pair and it is taking for-e-ver. Granted, I was super SUPER busy last week and didn't do much while I was out of town, but I am getting nowhere really fast and feel that I would be much faster on needles. :(