Saturday, May 5, 2007

Coming Along....Finally

I have four inches of the bottom. So finally, I am again on a roll. While Josh was in Vegas I was always telling him about my knitting filled day. Like a sweetie, he listened, although he was *very* clueless. He always was saying he couldn't wait to see it, now I am able to show him what it looks like on my needles. I even got to show Melissa ( a close family friend, I'm watching her kidlings) today. She says, I want one! Haha, I'll knit her one as long as she foots the bill for the yarn. She has a thing for soft blankets, so for her birthday in September, I think I'll knit her a blankie. I was thinking something soft, like cashmere and I'm always finding neat patterns. Just an idea, but I do know that she'll be getting a handmade blanket from me, as well as a birthday cake that she's already requested :)

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