Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I have posted the new HSKS 6 Logo on my sidebar. Where did my HSKS 5 logo go to though? Or am I the only one that can't see it.

On to some news: He's home, he got home Monday the 8th at 11pm. It's so good to have him home again. My girl started school on the 2nd. I cried, but she loves school, so it's all good :) So my knitting and spinning have been kind of lax. Still working on it, but not as much. I've got almost a year's worth of seperation that I have to make up in 2 weeks time for J....and the girl thinks I am chopped liver compared to Dad and her friends.


Lavender A said...

I don't see the HSKS5 logo either, but thanks for posting the new one :D Welcome home to your DH!

Anonymous said...

I don't see the hsks5 logo either. Did you change the location of where the picture is stored? That would make it disappear. Or if you had it linked to someone else's then maybe they changed where the file is stored too. Glad to hear that your DH is home! :)