Friday, June 8, 2007

Nothing new really this time.

I really don't post as much as I should, but some things have risen that have gotten my immediate attention. Shortly after my last post I was told some news by my *military* sweetie, we will be going to England in November. And now we're planning a September wedding. So with lots of news and now lots of planning I haven't really been able to work on ANYTHING. Except really late at night when my starts to wander and I cannot sleep. My knitting becomes my best friend then. I have put my hoodie aside for the time being simply because since late April/early May I have been working on something small for my momma. She was in the hospital around that time and I had actually found the yarn I bought for her promising to make her a pillow. The pillow never panned out, the yarn stayed in its box with some of its mates. I am halfway done with making her a white and blue stuffed bunny, for her team. So she will not only get to say, "My daughter made that for me", but as well as have something from me while her only daughter is over seas. And then for my brother, bless his heart he has taken all of this news as badly as our mother, his birthday is in early September. I have some Caron Simply Soft in my box in black, so I have begun to knit him an afghan. I'm using the skull pattern from the Domiknitrix book and I'm doing in texture rather than in intarsia and it won't be just black. I just hope an almost 18 year old will appreciate my hard work :)

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