Friday, June 29, 2007

My priss pot's "secret sweater" is coming along great. A few (funny, if I do say so myself) bumps in the road though. The back is finished. I finished it in the middle of the week and presented it to her. She loves it, I wrapped it around her so we could see how well it fit her, and it'll be a big thing on her. It was so sweet, to see her get all giddy over her sweater. Then when she got upset, she wanted to be wrapped up in the back of her sweater! This weekend is a weekend to myself and sweetie, my dear Mom kidnapped B and they are off to the beach. So I took advantage of the quiet and went to work on the front. I had started on the left front Thursday and then thought it would be a good idea to cast on for the right side and work in a tandem so everything would be even. I thought it was a fantastic idea, the decreases would be even and if there were any problems, I could spot it immediately and fix it. I finished to front today. I thought I had anyways. Sweetie got home tonight and I was like LOOK! since I am all about my knitting projects and he has learned to fein an interest in them. Only when I held it up did I realize I knitted two right sides. Haha. So I have to frog it back and get things right now. I would be finished right now, but another thing had been in the works. Pictures to come hopefully soon.

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