Thursday, November 13, 2008

Look at what I got today!

L to R:
Pfefferminz Prinz medium
Frosch harmonic
Pfauenauge dark

All are 80/20 Twin and from the 17.10 update.

I have been sitting down with another skein of Wollmeise and knitting another shawl. It's Evelyn Clark's Baltic Blossoms Lace Shawl. Today I have a day off so I've been tinkering with it on and off in between loads of laundry and dishes and such. I'm so glad that I have finally found the balance between work and home life and the generous sprinklings of my daughter's extracurricular acitivities. When I was first hired I was a little over whelmed but its starting to work out. My job is awesome :)

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