Saturday, June 7, 2008

'Puff Quiz 3

The Hufflepuffs and Slytherins have been taking Care of Magical Creatures together this year, so this assignment is for both Houses to complete.

Professor Hagrid has asked for 6 inches of parchment (say 200 words) about a personal experience you've had with a magical creature (outside of Hogwarts), or about the magical creature you'd most like to have as a pet. Of course if you chose the latter option, you should write about why you'd like to have such a creature as a pet, but also the potential problems of domesticating that magical creature.

A listing of Magical Creatures can be found in your textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Good luck!

I have had alot of experiences with knarls. Up until recently, I didn't know I could simply offer them something, such as a saucer of milk for them to leave my garden alone. In my experience, knarls are sneaky creatures who like to reack havock on my garden when my back is turned. I take pride in having a nice looking yard and a wonderful vegetable garden. Last year knarls didn't leave me a single tomato to eat. I went beyond what I knew and was advised, but still they had a thing for my heirlooms. They stunted the growth of two of my elephant ears as well so I know my front yard look awfully funny when I had one plant larger than me and the other two were 3 feet at best. Even with a move to a new country, they have followed me here! Unfortunately, I am unable to have my vegetable garden this year. This year though, I planted pansies in the front yard. The knarls here took to digging up my pansies every night and finally in the end, they won. My pansies just went into the compost heap recently, all of them dead. I dare them though, to touch my rose bushes that have replaced them. I am hoping that the border I put around my dahlias on the side of the house will keep them at bay as well...

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