Friday, May 16, 2008

More reasons to finish

I am offically being a good knitter and finishing my hoodie. I am currently knitting the hoodie. All that is left is seaming and sewing in the sleeves, and the button bands. We have a cold front coming through right now and it's the reason why I am pushing through to finish this up once and for all. Last week I ordered one of Cookie A's designs, stricken. I am excited to cast on, but only after I finish my hoodie. I am using some stashed Dream in Color smooshy. Should be nice, eh? I need to finish up my monkeys and my duet socks as well. All in good time. Spinning is going nicely. I have been trying to work on it a little bit each night after the Girl and Dog go to bed. I'm thinking that all of my wonky hand spun could become a granny square lap blanket. I really don't care about how it will be wonky looking and all, it'll be a reminder of what happened when I first learned to spin. I have had a thing for blankets lately, well wanting to knit them anyways. The hubs bought me the Great American Aran pattern booklet. Last night he let me spend 155 USD on the yarn for it. Well it wasn't just yarn, there was a jumbo bobbin and half a pound of wool to spin. But I got some cascade 220 from webs because it was on sale in a deep heathery blue. It's going to be gorgeous. I am supposed to be on a yarn diet but the yarn is on sale and hubs said buy it now while it's on sale. I am so spoiled, I know. And I want to die some of my fisherman's wool with the acid dyes I have and make an EZ blanket from the Knitters Almanac. And while we are still on the subject of blankets I have been using up my sock left overs for THE blankie from Shelly Kang. I have alot of projects on the needles, don't I?

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