Friday, May 9, 2008

A Bad Knitter

That smell! Mom what is this?

Oh I love the smell of cardboard. Maybe I can sneak some when Mom isn't looking.

Shortly after this she had to be put in her crate, poor thing. She has an obsession with cardboard to boot. The fact that wheel part where spread all over the floor at her disposal was a little unsettling as well.

And here is my new wheel, a Ashford Traveller. Single drive, scotch tension. I rubbed tung oil in her and called it a day. She's now dry. Want to see what I have spun so far?

I do hope I get better. *Sigh*. I have 2 lbs of corriedale that I am learning on.

The reason why I am a bad knitter is because I have completely shoved my CPH aside for two things. The aforementioned wheel and new spinning and this:

I fought the urge to start socks so hard while I was knitting that lonely sleeve. But, I gave in. Oh well.

1 comment:

Brigitte said...

Awww, sweet little puppy girl!

Good for you for trying spinning. Soon you'll be spinning out some great fibers!