Friday, April 18, 2008

I managed to finish the swizzle vest, it's bleh. Very. Once I find a better zipper and some soft pocket fabric I can possibly gift it. I tried it on for the husband and I was like well I didn't want it to be tight, nor did I expect it to be...but it's big. So it's hanging up in the corner of the closet. I recently got some kauni yarn from webs. It's the purple, gray and black colorway and I luuuurve it. I like the idea of a kauni cardigan. I found a picture of the damask chart on flickr and so I printed it off. Picot hem, twisted stitch button bands, maybe? I don't know it'll take me awhile anyways. I have a present coming my way. I have been spinning on a drop spindle for quite some time now, and have been drooling over a spinning wheel. Every time I went to the LYS back home, the Tail Spinner, the owner always invited me to watch the spinning classes if she was having one that day. But the husband got me a spinning wheel. An Ashford Traveller, and I'm super excited. I ordered it from a place in Scotland, and some fiber as well. I don't know how the Brits do their shipping, but I sent the check and order form out and the next day a guy calling me that I was getting the wheel directly from the factory. And then yesterday I got my fiber. I sent the order form out Monday. Quick stuff, I tell you. It's awesome. But anyways I need to go clean...we have a surprise for B tomorrow coming. A new puppy...that I wanted LOL. She's a red and white border collie. So I need to puppy proof the house. Yikes.

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Brigitte said...

Hey Shannon! What no pictures?!! And when the puppy arrives...I want to see pictures!