Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My husband left this past weekend for a 4.5 month deployment. I told him while he was gone I would go on a yarn diet. Now, I don't have a stash as big as some I've seen. But, I have a fairly decent amount of yarn. I want to go through as much as possible while he was gone. So while he is gone, I have set some goals for myself.

1. Finish Monkey socks.
2. Finish Duet Yarn socks.
3. Make doily for coffee table. I have the crochet thread, dpns and longer needle. My size 0 24" needle should be here by this weekend. I'm leaning heavily towards Alita. My husband likes it as well.
4. Make self atleast 3 pairs of socks.
5. Finish up my central park hoodie. I don't even have that much...so get to it!
6. Start on Tomato and Elfin Bride.
7. Learn how to spin on wheel once it arrives. Husband and I agreed that fiber doesn't fall under the "yarn" category...after some minor, uber silly squabbles :)
8. Use whatever sock yarn left overs to add to the sock yarn blanket that Shelly Kang made me want in a bad way.
9. Finish up Kiri and possible start another small, easy lace shawl.

Does that sound unreasonable?

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Brigitte said...

That sounds VERY reasonable! Wow, a size "0" needle...now that's small.

How's the baby puppy?!