Saturday, December 8, 2007

The elusive blogger is back. I don't have much to write about though. My husband is gone, he's now in England. He has a house, a car, and has prepared everything for mine and B's arrival. However, I don't know when we'll get there due to some issues with her real father. This has been hard on all three of us. Bailey has been raised knowing J as her dad, simply because he was the one that wanted to be there. It has been difficult for both of us to explain to her why we aren't there with Daddy and why Mommy always says soon we'll be there. It's hard lying to my little girl, you know? She's nearly 5, so she understands some and she's not stupid. My grandparents sent us Christmas money, double the usual amount. B's Christmas has already been taken care of, save a few things, so J encouraged me to go on a 200 dollar yarn shopping spree, to make me feel better I bet. I am so lucky. I went to a store that I have never been to, it's called the Tail Spinner and it's in Richlands, NC. It took less than a hour to get there. There were very few yarn brands I actually recognized in there. It's a good shop, don't get me wrong, but it's tailored more for spinners. I'm starting to gather learning things for spinning, so I was able to grab quite a few things for the future. I also got a Nostepine and two balls of Trekking, and it's lovely stuff. I've already casted on and have around 3 inches of a sock done. I still need to grab some size 0's for my Endpaper Mitts. I have the yarn and the needles for my hand, but no needles to cast on. That is frustrating. Where I live in NC the weather is still acting funny. Last weekend at the parade, we froze our butts off, today it was 70 F. Weird, huh? But if what I hear is true, I'll need warm stuff till May time in England. I can't wait though. We picked out a house and already I've heard about the numerous sheep that have been spotted. Hopefully I'll be able to get a wheel there and all.

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Brigitte said...

:( Oh, that's sad! I hope things work out soon.

(Love the new look, by the way!)