Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Elusive Blogger is Back!

For a brief time, that is. My hubby bought a lap top to treat our I-can't-do-without-a-computer disease. We're leaving tomorrow to see his family in Illinois. I have already looked up yarn stores and there's 10...swoon. That's a lot for a gir who would have to drive 2 or more hours to get to a yarn store. They live close to St. Louis, Illinois, so we're going to Missouri as well to look. I sent so much yarn over to England and I'm already accumalating a stash here. I just ordered yarn for Wendy Bernard's Somewhat Cowl and that's going swimmingly. I'm taking it up north with me as well. This week will be the longest I leave my girl at home, she's staying with my mom so she doesn't miss school. Her fifth birthday is in 2 months. Holy cow. The man of the house has said he wants to start trying for another, and well, I'm over the moon excited. I've been wanting another kiddo for a while, but knew it'd be better to wait. He said that he hears the first year of marriage is the worse, but it it's like it has been then great :) But for now I hope everybody is doing good.


Hattie said...

Yeah they actually say it's the first two years. BUT if you've already been together, things won't change that much I don't think. Hubby and I started out our marriage with a kid too, and I don't think it made things too difficult. Yeah maybe there is less alone time, but you're used to that with one kiddo already. :) Good luck, babies are the best!

Valerie said...

I hope you have fun on your trip and don't wear yourself out running to every yarn store in the area!! =)