Sunday, August 19, 2007

Look at how freaking young I look!

That was 3 years ago, freshman year at ECU. I miss my hair like that now a my brother's hair is longer than mine! My arm looks so naked without the greek.

They taste like old man's mouth.

And since everybody has asked here are my Horcrux's. They are a bit big on my sz 7 feet, but I love them nonetheless:

I started a "We Call Them Pirates" hat from Hello Yarn today. Using Paton's Classic Wool in black and grey. I am in love. On row 12 so far. I am knitting one for myself afterwards in some funky colors. I have been working on my diagonal stitch coat as well and am like 15 or so inches into the back. I am in love with that as well.


Brigitte said...

*sniff* Someone else with small feet! I have teeny size 6.5's.

Your Horcrux are lovely!

Valerie said...

The Horcrux socks are beautiful! The picture of you reminds me of a Fae. Mischievous. -=giggle=-